6 Steps For Planning a Sorrento Wedding

1. Choose your wedding date.The best time to plan a wedding in Sorrento goes from March until the beginning of November. During this time-frame the weather is truly divine, with just a few cloudy days and despite temperatures reaches the 80s, summer months are really pleasant. From March until Easter and from November onwards, chances of rain are high. Even during winter months temperatures stay around 50 degrees. Its mild climate makes Sorrento an ideal location for wedding ceremonies even during Christmas Holidays.2. Find the location for your dream wedding. You can get married with a civil, a catholic, a protestant or a symbolic ceremony:
Cloister of San Francesco: an impressive Arabian cloister located in the heart of town where outdoor civil weddings are performed.Protestant weddings in Sorrento: choose to have your religious wedding ceremony in one of the historical and refined hotels/villas located in the very heart of town.Symbolic ceremonies in Sorrento: unique hotels and panoramic terraces are delectable venues for commitment wedding ceremonies in Sorrento.Catholic weddings in Sorrento: though this kind of wedding ceremonies are possible only for residents, catholic weddings can be performed on the Amalfi Coast, located a few minutes drive from Sorrento.Wedding rites are in English.3. Look for a reception venue.Choose your Sorrento wedding reception in one of Sorrento’s lively restaurants or in one of its incredible sea view hotels and villas. You can expect excellent Mediterranean cuisine, spectacular vistas and a friendly atmosphere.The Garden Trattoria is a charming little restaurant with a vine covered pergola ideal for small and intimate wedding parties.The Historical Hotel is a five star luxury hotel dating back from the Eighteen century, with sumptuous banquet halls and panoramic terraces.The Romantic Hotel is a unique five star hotel in classical Sorrentine style with spectacular halls and terraces. Perfect choice for large wedding banquets overlooking the bay of Naples.
More venues are available for formal or informal banquets.4. Choose photo services. Photographs are the best keepsake for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast. It is important to choose a reliable wedding professional able to capture unique moments.Classical or PhotoJournalistic photo services are available for a few hours or throughout the day: photo prints in 20 x 30 cm in color and B/W, hand-made leather bound album DVD, digital photos on CD with permission to reprint.5. Choose your flowers. Floral decors and arrangements personalize your wedding and give a special touch to your Special Day. You have to choose the right style and colors, a theme that allows you to coordinate the whole nuptial event, which reflects your lifetime dreams and unique personality.Flower services for a Sorrento wedding usually include: bouquet for the bride; boutonniere/buttonholes for the groom and guests; ceremony floral arrangements (town hall, church, etc); floral decors for banquet; chairs decoration and carpet made of petals; bridesmaids bouquet; pin and wrist corsages for ladies; flower girls basket and hair wreaths; cake floral decorations; In-room floral arrangements; throw-away bouquet; flowers for hair.6. Choose your music. For a successful Sorrento wedding, music cannot miss! Music is a fundamental part of local culture and for sure an essential part of a family gathering such as a wedding day. You can choose music for civil or catholic weddings (organist and soprano duet is a must), music for wedding receptions (during cocktail hour and during dinner), music entertainment for guests.

Flaunt Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

One of the most important components of any western wedding ceremony is the wedding cake. Almost everyone looks forward to a wedding celebration. The custom wedding topper is one of the most essential decorations on the wedding and they are very often the talk of everyone one at the wedding party. People are bound to smile seeing some interesting and funny wedding cake toppers which are sure to make the wedding a memorable one. To suit all budgets and tastes, toppers come in a range of designs and themes. You can flaunt customcake toppers of unusual themes and can have a perfect start at the wedding reception.Get your guests talking?You are sure to get your guests talking seeing the custom wedding cake topper. A growing range of unusual custom wedding toppers like the groom in a black mourning dress, the bride standing in a long white wedding dress, with the veil and all is a thought seen all around today. So much for humor! The two categories in which the cake toppers tend to fall are the types that are serious in nature and the others which are comical or humorous wedding toppers. Some of the traditional toppers include figures of the groom and bride standing atop the centerpiece, with some of them standing in the black tail coat and the white wedding dress. In recent times we see that the bride and the groom are shown wearing the actual clothes worn on the wedding day and sometimes wearing casual attire.An ideal focal point at the wedding:Floral wedding toppers are also included in traditional toppers. You can flaunt custom wedding cake toppers displaying the initials of the groom and bride as well as a variety of different styles flaunting their likes and dislikes. An ideal focal point at the reception can be unique cake toppers that depict beautiful natural scenes, like beautiful glass models of dolphins which will surely be an attraction for conservationists and nature lovers amidst your guests. The choice is simply amazing when it comes to wedding cake toppers that include a funny aspect. The toppers make it easy to gather some aspects of the groom and bride’s character or their favorite pass time or hobby.Your guests are sure to get attracted to a humorous custom wedding cake topper which will bring a smile to their faces. One of the humorous ways is depicting a groom being caught by the bride, while she is holding his collar – he tries to escape, or for example dragging him by the collar to the altar. Different types of toppers like fire fighting, Cinderella, Hispanic, dove, Gay, American and African themes are the contemporary wedding toppers available. By choosing an unusual wedding topper you are sure to make the wedding reception a joyous and a memorable one. Many websites provide a lot of desired information of different custom wedding toppers and you can take a look at these websites before deciding on any one.